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The only thing that was decided at the beginning was that the product would be an Android home app. Through discussion, I came to think that I wouldn't care even if the product wasn't a home app in the end. It was fun to struggle and fight together with companions, and we were also able to work on the project in our own way. I feel I was able to accomplish my goals, not because I was told to make something, but because I was working on a project with Mr. Shigematsu and Mr. Sugawara together as friends.

Mr.Yusuke Segawa

I felt there was an elegance and flexibility to the thinking behind your organizational structure. Your system of assigning people to projects that specifically suit them is refreshing and interesting. I thought that a group like that is likely to have strong ideas. In practice, we have received insightful, well-formulated hypotheses and very persuasive proposals. It has been very eye-opening. Even when there are disagreements, I come away from the argument with a good feeling. You have exceeded my expectations--you're simply the best!

mandom corp.

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