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At the milestone of our 100th anniversary, Alan Kei says that the best way for a company to face the next 100 years is to remember that, "The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself." The future is unknown. For that reason, the will to say, "I want to create this kind of future" is more important than anything. This time, Loftwork Inc., Panasonic Corporation, and Cafe Company joined their wills to create 100BANCH. By joining forces, an amazing amount of creativity was born. The process up through the launch demonstrated this. In facing the future, the challenges of 100BANCH have just begun. I look forward to numerous experiments in future-making.

Panasonic Corporation
Management Planning Division, Corporate Strategy HeadquartersRie Noritake

I hoped to create a chemical reaction through the meeting of Suwa's manufacturing team and creativity teams. For that reason, I believed it to be necessary to collaborate with a company that has both domestic and overseas creative networks, and hence paid Loftwork Inc. a visit. Who knew that the name of the CEO would also be Suwa? I thought that was a really fateful encounter. We managed to get Suwa Design Project started together after overcoming several hurdles to achieve a public-private partnership. In order to properly understand the charm of Suwa city on top of its sophisticated manufacturing technology, we experienced it fully from exploring its sightseeing spots down to eating the local snacks. Through these experiences, we managed to come up with new ideas and developed trust with the local companies. I was looking forward to working on this exciting project.

Suwa city
Economic Department Promotion Office for Industrial CooperationKazuo Terashima

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