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The floor map and infinite flow have been effective, and as one of the goals, PV, has been cleared, now we want to strengthen efforts to reach new customers such as through communication on SNS and tie-ups with other companies, and also to improve the UU and content quality.

Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Manager in charge of business strategy, EC division, sales headquartersMr.Takeshi Suganuma

We have just started sales of the products and it is too soon to tell, but this time I felt anew a better-than-expected response to the “power of design.” What really impressed me was not simply the transformation of goods which became nicely sophisticated, attract people’s eyes and appear on various media, but the re-examination the roots of things and re-discovery of their charms through the deep insight of designers and perspective of experts, as well as the fact that such activities have brought wonders and joy that exceed our expectations.

Ishigaki City Office
Project Manager, Tourism and Culture Department, Planning DivisionMr. Shuntaro Kosasa

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