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Moving beyond corporate boundaries in interesting new directions over the next 100 years.

The future is impossible to predict. However, if one tries to imagine the future that one wishes for, new worlds suddenly emerge, and the imagination soars. 100BANCH is a place to make the future. No one knows which tests will succeed, but that doesn't matter. What's important is that we try. We shall challenge ourselves with all our might. We believe that the combined energy of individuals creates a swell that will shape the future.

- Chiaki Hayashi, CEO of Loftwork Inc.

In 2018, Panasonic Corporation will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding. To commemorate this event they will kick off the 100BANCH Project, which will involve the young of the new generation in projects that will create value for the next 100 years.

The "College Program" Cafe Company Inc. will be a base at which mentoring will take place by the top members in a variety of fields, and new food experiences will be explored. It will be constructed on the three pillars of "LOFT" as a collaborative space in which to create the next 100 years.

From this ambitious challenge to young people, the "new normal" will emerge. A new base is born in Shibuya. From concept to space creation, the goal of the design is to create communication.

Project Outline / Output

Planning and Production

To create creators. That is our keyword. It should also have a cafe-like atmosphere and be a place where the new generation gathers. These are the principles under which the 100BANCH Projects was imagined.

How will the concept look when given physical form? In addition to research and conceptualization, we plan and manage the project, including story making, partner selection, and budget planning.

What value will be created,? What kind of space will be created? And with whom? What kind of community will be formed? In this project, from project planning to a physical space, from programs to communication that included the brand construction process, we used an organic back-and-forth process to integrate a single logic and give it new form.

Interior Space Design (Hard)

Interior Space Design Direction

In creating a space for the creation of new value, we are doing everything from investigating locations to negotiating property contracts. In designing the space, we are looking at the overall picture and creating original furniture, tools, and facilities to suite the purpose of the space.

3F LOFT. This is where the Panasonic Corporation is examining the creation of value for the future. This can also be used as an event space for workshops and recitals.

An original lightweight table made of a sponge-like material. It is designed for spaces that undergo frequent changes.

The work space for a variety of projects, centered on 2F GARAGE U35. This opens the process and makes it possible for visitors to become involved.


Community Program Planning (Soft)

How can a physical space best be utilized? From business plans to KPI formulation, we are developing the overall design of the core GARAGE Program, from investment policy to tenant operation guidelines.

GARAGE Program Planning and Management

The GARAGE Program is for young leaders from U35 and is designed to accelerate progress for the next 100 years. There are occasional public offerings, and teams that have offered feedback are invited to use the project and event space free of charge. 100 experimental projects will lead us into the future.

A variety of mentors, the top runners in each field, will assist, mentor, and judge the participants in 100BANCH projects. The variety of projects will not end up as dreams or plans, rather the mentors will pass on wisdom and knowledge that will make implementation in society a reality.

From public planning to program management to mentor assignment, Loftwork Inc. will be responsible for overall project management.

Location Management

In addition to the GARAGE Program, we also carry out staffing and management rule design for regular business hours, security management, and other detailed facility management and operations tasks.

Communication Design

A brand is also being created to express 100BANCH. Logos and VI designs have been created, design tools have been planned, and a web site has been designed with the facilitation of communication at its core.

Logo / VI

The name 100BANCH means, "An unknown place that is not yet here." It also derives from the English word "bunch," as in a group of people overflowing with energy. The line tilted at 120 degrees constituting the logo is used as a sign or decoration in various scenes related to 100BANCH to indicate crossing or forming a bunch. The design is meant to represent the place where individuals mix over the next 100 years, as progress starts in Shibuya and spreads throughout the world.

Web Site Design, Planning, and Operation

100BANCH features simple black and white tones to emphasize and promote their various activities. To that extent, we introduced oblique line key motifs derived from VI and hover actions that express the likeness and impact of 100BANCH.

Each project page, representing the core content, features a mission statement crafted by the editorial team in order to comprehensively express the value of the project, and a progress bar with an information area to indicate the progress of the collaborative activities. There are articles with related events and MAGAZINE articles, so by simply looking at each project page one can fully understand the achievements and the significance of the activities.

In addition to the 100BANCH initiatives themselves, some of the various activities that take place at 100BANCH are tests for which the correct answers are unknown and will help to lead us into the future. For that reason, we have endeavored to include elements that will feature the faces and words of event organizers, MAGAZINE authors, project leaders, etc., to the extent possible.

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100BANCH three months after opening

As of October 6th, 2017 we have adopted and are engaged in 31 projects, and within 2 years we hope to be have created 100 projects.

Voice of Customer

Panasonic Corporation Management Planning Division, Corporate Strategy Headquarters
Rie Noritake

At the milestone of our 100th anniversary, Alan Kei says that the best way for a company to face the next 100 years is to remember that, "The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself." The future is unknown. For that reason, the will to say, "I want to create this kind of future" is more important than anything.

This time, Loftwork Inc., Panasonic Corporation, and Cafe Company joined their wills to create 100BANCH. By joining forces, an amazing amount of creativity was born. The process up through the launch demonstrated this. In facing the future, the challenges of 100BANCH have just begun. I look forward to numerous experiments in future-making.

Project Team

Cotact Us

Layout Unit CLO(Chief Layout Officer)
Hajime Matsui

"100BANCH may be Panasonic Corporation's first factory for the creation of things," says one employee of Panasonic Corporation. In the past, they had one plant in every prefecture of Japan. The goal of having factories in every prefecture was not to increase productivity, but rather to create employment and improve the standard of living in each area. First and foremost, factories were thought of as places to cultivate people, and it was thought that, "One must create human resources before one can create things."

Japan is now a prosperous country, and Panasonic Corporation is a global industry, without a need for placing a factory in every prefecture, but as we look back on the complicated past and look forward to the next 100 years, perhaps the old concept can be used again to use factories to enrich the world. It is to said that the future has a tendency to be born out of the things that are created, so it is strange to say a "factory for the creation of things." It seems that 100BANCH may really be Panasonic Corporation's first.

New value and value experience create not just items, but "things," and as it is said in Japan, one must always create human resources. I dream of a time when factories for the future spread throughout Japan and then throughout the entire world.

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