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Ritsumeikan University Website Renewal

Renewal of a branding strategy platform for Ritsumeikan University

Seven years have passed since the previous renewal of the website and its existing structure and design felt lacking in its purpose to communicate information efficiently. Furthermore, the vast amount of information from each individual department were not being effectively utilized.

While taking into account these issues, as part of its branding strategy, the Ritsumeikan University website has been renewed as a platform to promote understanding of educational research and content that spreads awareness about student activities in the university.

Project Outline

  • Tasks and challenges
    - The task of integrating design and usability of the university website ( after seven years since the last renewal
    - The vast amount of information from each individual department had not been effectively utilized
  • Objective
    - To establish a platform for Ritsumeikan University's branding strategy
    - To create content to promote understanding of educational research and content that spreads awareness about student activities
  • Approach
    - Formulation of renewal direction based on interviews and competitive analyses of the 10 university departments
    - Improving editorial content towards becoming a media site
    - Design production (PC/Smartphone)
    - Website structure organization (University, Corporation, Extracurricular activity, English version)
    - Setting the direction of editorial web content, Operational Support
    - CMS Template Development
  • Project Duration
    Japanese release from March 2015 - December 2015, English release in March 2016

Final Results

Official Site

English version of the official site

Websites of SPORTS&CULTURE and Ritsumeikan Academy

Project Process

The direction of the renewal was formulated based on interviews and competitive analyses of the 10 departments

Based on interviews and competitive analyses of each department, keywords for information design priority and the direction of the design were extracted. As a result, the four axes that were picked out were "Beyond Borders is diversity", "User's point of view rather than that of an administrative organization", "Editorial content", and "Targeting people outside the university". In addition, Beyond Borders = Diversity is placed in the lower part of the homepage to represent diversity as a strong point of the university. Points have been organized to more easily convey the university's strengths.

Improving editorial content towards becoming a media site

For the branding strategy platform to perform as a media site, we have documented the information design and editorial direction of articles.

Furthermore, we have also conducted training sessions like camera workshops by the Public Relations Division and content creation training by the web media Editor-in-Chief, in order to concretely teach know-how needed for content creating and for ensuring consistent quality.

Simultaneous revamp of three websites: Japanese and English versions of the university website, the corporation website and the extracurricular activity website

In addition to adding English versions for the university websites, the extracurricular activity site "SPORTS & CULTURE" and the corporate site were also renewed at the same time. We were also in charge of the planning and shooting of the video displayed at the top of the extracurricular activity website.

Voice of Customer

It was a renewal of hundreds of web pages, and there was a wide variety of decisions to be made, from big matters to the fine details such as design and the settings of the input fields of design and news articles. Despite this, because Loftwork politely explained the basis for their choices and presented some alternatives, I think the decision-making process by the university was able to go smoothly. Although the finished sites received mixed reviews, the P.R. Division has voiced their approval of the site as it has been enhanced to become a platform to launch content regarding research and student activities, so we are satisfied with the result as it delivered what we had aimed for initially.

Ritsumeikan University spokesman

Project Team

Cotact Us

shinya kunihiro

Creative director
Shinya Kunihiro

We focused on how we were to express the charm of one of Japan's leading universities in terms of scale and diversity. We organized information and employed a design based on the axis of dynamic content to create a website with large photographs and easy-to-read font as well as buttons to allow smooth navigation of the articles. More than anything, I think it was the cooperation of members of the university in their efforts to improve article content such as conducting on-campus study sessions that led to our success.


 System Div. Technical Director
Makoto Omori

As a multivendor for CMS, I have dealt with many CMS up until now, but I did not have much experience with HeartCore that was used this time. Personally, it was a challenging project, but I think we were able to release the website without much trouble by coordinating delivery dates, quality, and cost balance as well as being in close communication with our partner developers. In addition, we were able to obtain accurate answers about various matters over interviews like infrastructure and operational policy so that is one factor of our success, too.

Mari Ishida

We shared our opinions regarding the many different administrative sites and that each department had not been able to take full advantage of the enormous amount of content coming out of each department, so rather than controlling these sites, we proposed to use them as strengths and proposed to change the website into a new media. By designing information to provide the viewer with the ability to grasp the full picture of the university just by looking at the homepage and precise curation by the P.R. Division, we feel that we were able to construct a website that can correctly direct our diverse users to their what they are looking for.

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