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"JAPAN MINUTE" Begins - A Project Transmitting Uniquely "Suwa" Technology

  • 28.10.2016

"JAPAN MINUTE" Begins - A Project Transmitting Uniquely "Suwa" Technology

Loftwork Inc., working with the Suwa City Hall in pursuit of the possibilities of craftsmanship in Suwa, Nagano, began the new project "SUWA Design Project" (also known as "JAPAN MINUTE"). This project aims to produce and transmit the unique technology and products from the Suwa region. They also created a website for the project.

With production led by project teams of designers as its cornerstone, JAPAN MINUTE targets businesses with bases of operation in the Suwa area to conduct "ideathons" for new products and information transmission to manufacturers in the Tokyo area and beyond.

Loftwork Inc. is heading the project management for this project. We create project teams with creative individuals at their core, build websites, and take part in other activities to support the businesses of Suwa city.
This Fall, Loftwork held an ideathon to think of practical applications for the next-generation LED luminescent panel "Lightface," which one such business (Nittoh Inc.) produces. Excellent ideas from this ideathon were actually made into products and are planned to go on exhibition at the Shibuya Hikarie in the Spring of 2017.


Mikuro Spring Co., LTD.
Mikuro Spring possesses a "micro spring manufacturing technology" with which they make the world's finest springs which are finer than a human hair (0.072mm diameter). Because they develop their own manufacturing equipment in-house, they are able to perform line processing on complex shapes. They also have locations in Malaysia, Shanghai, and Dalian and are capable of global support.

Nittoh Inc.
Comprehensive manufacturer of optic machinery. Through the use of designs and manufacturing technology accumulated over many years, they possess a complete, coherent structure for development from manufacture to quality assurance. They are skilled in the design and manufacturing of glass lenses (from Φ1~Φ600mm), plastic lens molding, metallic molding, surface treatment, ultra high-resolution lens units for high-end precision equipment, as well as digital camera lens units. With highly-efficient light guide technology using the scattering theory of light, they put their optics design know-how to use to develop a next-generation LED luminescent panel with no frame so that the entire surface radiates light.

Matsuichi Co., LTD.
Using ultra high speed rotating micro cutting machines, Matsuichi Co., LTD. is skilled in micro hole drilling and 3D machining on materials ranging from sapphire, ceramics, carbide and other hard brittle materials, high polymer materials, resin and other high hardness materials to aluminum and the like. Their level of machining technology allows them to perform micro hole drilling at φ0.03㎜ onto NAK55 steel, cutting on hard brittle materials using ultrasonic wave machining, and, in the field of buffing, are able to produce an Ra in single digit nm. Even among other businesses in Suwa highly skilled in ultra-precision machining, this company stands a head above the rest.

Production Team

The three individuals below formed tag-teams with these businesses and will work to find new possibilities for their uniquely "Suwa" technologies and products. This process, which will span approximately half a year, can be viewed on the "PROJECT REPORT" section of the JAPAN MINUTE website (scheduled to be updated until March 2017).

Hitoshi Iwasawa
Space Designer / Wheeled Furniture Producer / Iwasawa Brothers / President, Battanation Co., Ltd.

Shinya Kobayashi
President, Coelacanth Shokudou. LLC. Product Designer / Brand Producer

Tomohiko Akimoto
Loftwork Inc. Project Manager

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