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We are looking for creative directors who want to work in Taiwan!

We are looking for creative directors who want to work in Taiwan!

What kind of person is a Loftworker?


Q:Do you offer employment to new graduates?

A:Currently, we do not offer a so called block ‘employment to new graduates’ at Loftwork.

This is because the main job type at Loftwork is ‘Creative direction’, which is a managerial job that requires both project management, and creative ability. It is not a job that has the learning process of ‘improving skills through repetition‘, which is the method by which most new graduates learn in society. This is also the same for other job types.

However, we do offer employment to a number of new university graduates who have the skills, ability, and potential, at random times/irregularly.

Because it is at random times/irregular, the recruitment method is not stylized, but as an example, we have a promotion rule from the position of project staff to full-time staff. The doors are not wide open, but those who desire to work at Loftwork can ‘force open’ the doors through the contact points of project staff and events. We look forward to meeting such university students.

Q:Do you offer mid-career employment?

A,Yes, we do.

Please check ‘Job listings’ from the menu above for current job listings and details.

Q:Do Creative Directors need relevant creative experience such as web direction experience etc.?

A:No, it is not particularly necessary.

You will learn direction techniques after joining Loftwork, so those who are interested in creatives, and want to try working with creators, are encouraged to apply.

Q:Can I work even though I am not very good at Japanese?

A,Yes, you can.

It is possible to communicate with some Loftwork staff in English. Not all staff are fluent in English, but please overcome this with enthusiasm. It is desirable if you are able to communicate a little in Japanese.

Why not come and visit us at Loftwork?

This is a learning network pertinent to the creatives that Loftwork run. Anybody can participate.

We have opened the ‘FabCafe’, which is the first digital manufacturing cafe in Japan that features a laser cutter.